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Welcome to my blog ! I am currently in Skibbereen for an internship in MyGuideIreland lasting 4 months. On this blog, I'll try to give my impressions on the town, the people, work, customs, geography, history and so on ! The company is specialised in incoming tourism in Ireland and I'll work in the french market company and my tasks will be to update the website and the blog as well as updating the database of service providers. This will be a great occasion to learn lots of things I don't know yet.


I've arrived yesterday evening and I met my housemates as well as the modern, 5-room house. It is situated outside the city center of Skibbereen on a hill, which provides a beautiful view over the city and the natural surroundings (hills, forests...). There are 4 interns but 5 rooms so one can imagine that another intern might come later on. The other interns are german austrian and french.


I visited the town this morning to do a little shopping. In each shop, except one, clerks were smiling and welcoming, sometimes even asking where I was coming from and why. After I checked Skibbereen on Google/wikipedia (and so on) I imagined a little nice city where english was spoken. In fact, I just imagined a french city except from the language. But when I visited the town, I realised that there were far more differencies than I expected. The more visible difference is the way shops are displayed. They are one next to the other and they all have colourful fronts with celtic fonts. Somehow, the cliché of Ireland is real... In France, half the shops would be banks or insurance companies. Even though there are some here, there are more lawyers than banks !


To be honest, my first impression to everything is really good and I guess that these months will go fast !



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Antoine 23/09/2010 02:03

Camarade expat', je te souhaite un chouette séjour!

gdad 22/09/2010 17:54

et bravo pour les wolfetones !

gdad 22/09/2010 17:53

je t'nvoie u autre commentaire mais les emails d'arbois à An Siobairin semblent patiner et me sont renvoyés !

gdad 22/09/2010 17:39

1st time someone calls me "dude" !

eringobragh.over-blog.com 22/09/2010 18:43

nobody called you dude g'dad, Valentin was writing to me :)

gdad 22/09/2010 17:37

beautiful French, beautiful English.
Enjoy your stay. Hope you'll be able to visit the family in the East
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